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***New Release***

Going LIVE July 20th

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They killed his brother. They stole a piece of his life and got away with it.Antonio “Parker” Denoti has dedicated his life to bringing down the man responsible, Mano Torret, the boss of one of Chicago’s most not.jpg

Attachment-1 (1)    Already readers are talking about KC’s newest release. The Beta’s loved it!

KC did something she normally doesn’t do… Making twenty ARC copies available for the public. They were gobbled down within hours leaving those who weren’t so lucky counting down the days until the book goes live.

Of course having Alfie Gordillo gracing the cover did nothing but stir the ladies on as they drooled and commented how they would love to be “Under His Protection.”

Five Stars for this action packed suspense, full of romance, emotion and humor.

~ Kori Ann