Check it out..
Anyone interested in this sexy beast……. Um I mean poster?

Signed by all the authors and cover models who attended #rocketcityauthorevent2018 36437857_2050659175261414_4757634315725045760_oINCLUDING the band, Artifas

It’s simple HELP ME get 100 Reviews.

Post a review on: Amazon, B&N, Kabo, IBooks, Googlebooks, Goodreads.
Your name goes in for the drawing once you’ve PM me HERE the link or a screenshot of the link showing your review. 


**Post more than one review. For every review you leave, your name goes into the drawing  e.g. Two reviews=name entered twice. (remember to PM me a copy of the review link(s)or screenshot.)

Once 100 reviews are posted the contest will be over…

A ***LIVE*** drawing will be held on FB and the WINNER announced.

For your convenience here are links where you can post your review(s).




Thank you and Good Luck~



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