RomCom- “Empty Nest Antics”

Not your usual novella!

Those who know me on a personal note, know I’m constantly doing crazy things, and most of the time my hubs is right beside me, not trying to stop me…but cheering me on. He is the one who encouraged this book. It’s not your typical novella, it’s more of a journal. A journal that holds the deepest and craziest shit this set of empty nesters have ever done. So set back… if you’re a new empty nester you might want to grab a notebook and pencil and take notes.

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You spend your whole adult life taking care and raising a family. Losing sight of who you are as a couple and accept the title of so-in-so’s parent. The day finally comes when you usher your last child out the door and into the real world. Closing the door to that chapter and beginning a new. The kids are all gone, and the house is finally yours…

Determined to rekindle the fire they once shared before children, they embark on a new adventure. Follow along as Alex and Lisa begin their new chapter, were clothing is optional and there are no rules.

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KC wows the PNR world with her first paranormal romance.

Jo- KC did an excellent job with her first paranormal. The characters know how to get your attention and make you fall in love with them! I can’t wait to read more characters from her! I’m so in love!

Alicia– Ohh this book had me right from the blurb… promise to a dying father to protect his child. Talk about a worthy make!!!! Alessandro is that male!!!And Alexa is the one who gets to feel that protection and his will to keep her alive at all costs. It’s like fate had a plan for them and this slow burn told that plan perfectly. Truly enjoyable story. Definitely recommend!!

Uglycrier- You will love Ms. Rice’s first attempt into the PNR waters. This story has age gap, vampires, secret pasts, and so much more. I can’t wait to see what she writes next.

Chrissi- I loved this book! The storyline has twists, turns, action, and steam! Alessandro will have you purring like a kitten, while Alexa may have you grinding your teeth, lol. This author has a fantastic ability to craft a story and I find it hard to believe this is her first paranormal! Definitely hope there’s a second book to come.

Protect the girl…

I’ve spent the last twenty-five years fulfilling the promise I made to my best friend on the eve of his death. They executed him for daring to fall for a human. I can’t imagine what they would do to the child had they known she existed. Which they never will.

Half-human and half-vampire, she’s a hybrid of two worlds. Extremely rare, she’s something of myths and old wives’ tales. I cannot let them destroy her, even if it means losing everything—including my life.

Desperate for a change…

Raised by my Ya-ya, I never quite fit into the world around me. When I learned of an inheritance from the father I never knew, I jumped at the chance to learn something about myself.

But soon I find things aren’t what they appear. My body is changing in ways I don’t understand. And the man…Alessandro. I know nothing about him. Except he excites me and terrifies me in the same breath. I should stay away from him. He’s dangerous. But I can’t, it’s as though my body craves him.