RomCom- “Empty Nest Antics”

Not your usual novella!

Those who know me on a personal note, know I’m constantly doing crazy things, and most of the time my hubs is right beside me, not trying to stop me…but cheering me on. He is the one who encouraged this book. It’s not your typical novella, it’s more of a journal. A journal that holds the deepest and craziest shit this set of empty nesters have ever done. So set back… if you’re a new empty nester you might want to grab a notebook and pencil and take notes.

ONLY 1.99

Grab your copy TODAY!

You spend your whole adult life taking care and raising a family. Losing sight of who you are as a couple and accept the title of so-in-so’s parent. The day finally comes when you usher your last child out the door and into the real world. Closing the door to that chapter and beginning a new. The kids are all gone, and the house is finally yours…

Determined to rekindle the fire they once shared before children, they embark on a new adventure. Follow along as Alex and Lisa begin their new chapter, were clothing is optional and there are no rules.

Get your copy TODAY

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